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Sterling Windows & Doors is the GTA’s go-to source for specialty window and door systems. In particular, we specialize in wood windows, wood aluminum windows, and exterior door systems.  We have become the most recognized experts in oversized windows, doors and Lift & Slides.

All of our products are made from regional wood and recycled aluminum which not only means a gentler carbon footprint on the environment, but better quality for you and your home or business.

Who is Sterling Windows & Doors?

In 2003, Sterling Windows & Doors introduced the wood-aluminum tilt and turn systems to the Canadian market. This efficient system allows for simple operation of the window with the use of one handle for several opening positions to allow for optimal ventilation.

The year after, we partnered with German-based window and door manufacturer Döpfner, bringing their innovative window and door products to the North American market. In fact, Sterling Windows & Doors is now the exclusive distributor and representative of Döpfner products in North America.

All Products Are Made in Germany

The core of our company’s philosophy is based on sustainability and respect for the earth, and natural resources such as wood help us achieve and sustain that philosophy. We are proud of the fact that all our products are made in Germany from the well-renowned manufacturer Döpfner.
Using wood directly from Gerolzhofen/Bavaria in the heart of Germany, Döpfner provides the highest quality wood material for the manufacturing of windows and doors.

The traditional family-owned company has been in operation since 1906, providing windows and doors for clients all over Europe, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. And now, you can enjoy them too.

Döpfner provides the best possible solutions for all window and exterior door systems. With their experience and innovation in window and door manufacturing, Döpfner has successfully served its community, its continent, and now the world with quality in windows and doors that has sustained them for decades.

Döpfner continues to improve on its products, providing more innovative methods of production to generate the highest level of quality in the window and door industry.

We at Sterling Windows & Doors are proud to work alongside Döpfner and offer the vast variety of products they create using regional-based wood materials. With discerning architects and builders on our team, we stand for sustainability, quality, and variety of window and door systems.
Sterling Windows & Doors has been proudly serving our community with innovative window and door solutions for over 14 years, and we continue to make strides to uphold industry standards in quality and workmanship.

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