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Windows and doors certainly have their own specific purpose, but their ease of operation plays a key role in how they function. With tilt and turn window and door systems, homeowners and business owners can enjoy ease of use while operating their windows and doors and an elegant design.

How Do the Tilt & Turn Window & Door Systems Work?

Tilt and turn window and door design provides architects and builders with an innovative product to use for large openings for both residential and commercial structures. Essentially, this state-of-the-art system does three different things in one application:

• In-swing in the turn position

• Top ventilation in the tilt position

• Attractive window structure when shut

The premise of the tilt and turn system is to provide windows and doors that allow for easy entrance and exit, easy maintenance, draft-free ventilation, and a sophisticated look. Although tilt and turn window technology has been around for decades, the systems have been continuously improved upon since then to create what is now being used in the construction industry today.

The handle of the tilt and turn system works by operating the window in several opening positions. Turning the handle to the first position opens the window-side swing, while turning the handle to the second position tilts the window to allow for some ventilation.
There are plenty of benefits to tilt and turn window and door systems, including the following:

• Energy efficiency

• Variety of profile designs

• Ultimate security

• Strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions

• Flexibility of use for residential, commercial, and industrial applications

• Sound control quality

• Easy maintenance

• Fade resistant

• Resistant to scratches and rotting

All of the tilt and turn window and door products supplied by Sterling Windows & Doors are made with the highest-grade wood and aluminum materials available in the industry. The wood-aluminum combination of windows and doors offers two distinct benefits: thermal insulation and stability of wood with weather protection and versatility of aluminum. This creates a product that offers long durability, thereby helping to save on costs.

Tilt and turn systems provide unmatched flexibility and versatility and offer the best of all worlds of casement, tilting, and fixed designs. These systems tilt in from the top to allow for ventilation even when it’s raining out. Or, they open inward like a door with the simple turn of the handle for optimal
ventilation. When they are closed, tilt and turn windows look elegant, just as much as a fixed window would.

They make the ideal choice for any structure and any room in a home or place of business.

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TILT & TURN WINDOWS AND DOORS systems take the highest standards in construction globally.

Wood-aluminum windows and doors represent the combination of two advantages: the thermal insulation provided by wood together with the weather protection afforded by aluminum. This creates a product which provides long durability thereby helping to save costs.

The aluminum casing is weatherproof and is an architectural element which can be exploited in a wide variety of colours. The wood frame provides stability, excellent heat insulation and gives the house itself a pleasant homely character.

The wide variety of profiles available means there is something for everyone: all conventional window designs and styles of opening can be accommodated using a variety of designs and profile widths. Angular and rounded designs in all forms are available.

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